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Advertising opportunities on Cold Truck is a world-wide promotional platform which enables you to advertise and reach the dedicated audience you are targeting.

Banner advertising is the most efficient way to draw the customer’s attention and to increase sales. We can place your banner on any page of our web-site according to your choice

We programmed our advertising banners mechanism to determine and enable you to reach the desired audience globally or locally according to country, in the local language according to your target market and desires.

The advertisement possibilities, depending on availability, can be placed as follows:

  1. On the Home page
  2. On the Inners pages
  3.  On the search page

Ads can be accepted in all standard formats.

Please fill in the basic contact details on the left hand side, and we will reach out to you in order to plan an advertising campaign that will serve your needs best, and bring awareness of your brand or product to the desired audiences, globally, or locally.

We suggest applying the following considerations when planning your ad:

  • Create an eye-catching banner using colour, and in line with your company brand
  • Create a banner with contrasting background colour to attract more attention
  • Create a banner with relevant text, yet not too crowded
  • Create a banner with linkage to your company web site and with clear contact details

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