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Receive your refrigerated unit from the seller to your location  for immediate installation.

Just fill in the required information and receive a quotation for shipping the unit directly to you.

You’ve purchased your desired unit/s, or you need an offer to estimate shipping costs.
We work with one of largest global logistics service providers, with agency distribution in over 220 countries worldwide, and with all logistics and shipping knowledge and experience in order to make this part of the purchase easy for you, and let you focus on your core business.
We want to keep it simple, and therefore make it our mission to deliver the product from and to the desired premises anywhere in the world.
The services will include:



Freight (air or ocean)



Customs clearance

Your purchase will arrive safely, in good condition, on time, every time – Cold-Truck logistics will deliver!
In order to receive your quotation within 72 working hours, fill in the details, and submit the form. Once confirmed, our local logistics representative will contact the seller, and coordinate pick up for shipping the unit/s.

Logistics Request